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Arbutus Ridge Resource

Arbutus Ridge, a plus 50 seaside adult community, is located on Vancouver Island just north of Mill Bay and south of Cowichan Bay facing Salt Spring Island and Satellite Channel. It is part of the Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD) Area C, Cobble Hill.
Arbutus Ridge has its own zone, CD-1 Rural Comprehensive Development 1 – Arbutus Ridge. Relevant regulations include:

  • Parcel Coverage Limit — The limit to parcel coverage is 50 percent for buildings and structures
  • Height shall not exceed 7.5 metres or 25 feet
  • Setbacks
    • Front parcel line for residential and accessory use — 6 metres or 20 feet
    • Interior side
      Residential — 2 metres 6′ 7″ from one side and 1.4 metres or 4′ 7″from the other
      Accessory Use — 1.5 metres and 0 metres
    • Rear parcel line 4.5 metres or 15′
    • From sea 15 metres or 49′ 2″
  • Minimum Parcel Size — 900 sq m or 9690 sq ft
  • A garage or carport attached to a principal building is deemed to be a part of the principal building and is not an accessor building

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